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The planet Technopolitana ProjecT




The last cars in town -- Progress gone badly wrong.
Dorothea Lange photograph: Oklahoma 1938.


Desire for progress & its dark side

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Planet  Technopolitana


Stories of humans caught up in the fog of progress..


October 2016, west of Ireland. I go to meet a friend who is a war zone reporter. I understand heís taking time off because heís seen too much. He has post-traumatic stress.

Then I find that Spy Nielsen isnít there.


Instead I meet a Californian, Francine Olnay.


I meet Francine. And she has met  - that is found -- a sealed and never seen manuscript by the long forgotten writer, Bill Rutland.

Rutland originated the Planet Technopolitana idea back in the days of the American Depression.

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Rutland, Francine & the background to

Opening Section of the first Technopolitana Novel:
The Underground Scientist


Technopolitana: Our planet alone in the Fog of Progress.             




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