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About the Planet Technopolitana project:


J. Francis Gladstone – author of this site.

            Francis Gladstone was born west of London in 1941 and has vivid memories of a local bomb at the end of World War II. He has other memories of World War I, via his father’s troubled experience and the death of an uncle and other relatives.

            He grew up in the increasingly secure and affluent 1950s and 1960s, holds a degree in modern history and studied at New York University Film School.

            For two decades, 1966 to 1985, he was a documentary and historical film maker, specializing in scientific issues and human and political aspects of medicine and science. He made an early film on environmental degradation in the UK for the Horizon series at the BBC. He worked for Horizon and its American counterpart, Nova – the main science strands still existing in US and UK television  today.

            His main interest is in the conflict between the positive and negative impacts of science -- and in the human and political aspects of science, often presented as a neutral activity.

            He is aware of having grown up in an era of global transformation, in terms of economic growth, new ideas, population numbers, pollution, riches, poverty and newly objective worry about the state of the biosphere.

            Planet Technopolitana is an attempt to frame the paradox founded in this experience: how do we control what we widely see as progress? Bill Rutland is an invented character who deals with this historically.

            The Planet Technopolitana project has been twenty years gestating.

            Francis Gladstone currently lives in North Wales. He is a US and UK citizen. He works closely with colleagues and some members of his family.  

            How fast time passes. That is: how little time we have to keep up with the consequences of our own progress.

Francis Gladstone at a cousin's wedding, aged 6 in 1947 with his father, Charles Gladstone, then 59.

Charles Gladstone was a boy before the car, before widespread electricity, before widespread oil burning, before relativity, before DNA, when there was one person for every seven on the globe in 2019.

How fast it all happens. Can those who want to put the brakes on keep up with those who want them off? This is the central question posed by the metaphor of

Planet Technopolitana



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