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Planet Tchnopolitana


Trucks, trucks, tucks.... Progress, progress, progress.... More, more, more.......
New Jersey Turnpike outside New York City, December 2017.

Planet Technopolitana
is a stage for ideas....

...on which to explore...

a  drama of central to modern Life,...
the conflict of Greens  versus anti-Greens,
of  Progress unchained versus the need to Sustain
of carbon conscious versus carbon Not-carers.

The thrust is on the word 'drama':
is it possible to get beyond the polemic of the green movement --
crucial indeed -- and try to understand why environmental
restraint is so horribly difficult? --

The two Technopolitana novels are about the push for the new
in the context of needing to win a war.

Ambitions for this site

The Technopolitana novels -- Link

Exploration of what Bill Rutland
and his Technopolitana idea stood for --
Progress good/ Progress bad... Link

Suggestions for an environmental bookshelf... Link

understanding of
what environmental ethics means.

To develop a non-profit organization
concerned with how difficult it is to
convey green ideas
to doubters and the not-interested
to actually change course


Ancient Cedars at Point Reyes, California -- they saw the world when it was very different.

Respect Trees More

Plant More Trees




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