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as opposed to Science Fiction.
The central technopolitana project

I am puzzled about whether science just happens -- whether progress is inexorable.

Are humans caught up in a race to improve their lives, only to find they face severe back draughts? Pollution, species degradation, overselling of drugs, over population, child deprivation, adults living to be vegetables, wildflowers becoming extinct?

The discovery of penicillin heralded the beginning of the antibiotic era and has saved millions of lives.

Since that discovery around 1940, world population has exploded from 2.5 billion to 7.5 billion.

It would be naive to connect these two exactly, rise in human numbers and availability of antibiotics. There are paradoxes.

I invented Planet Technopolitana as a bright side/dark side way of thinking about these problems. Via fiction -- and via fact.

I invented the Planet Technopolitana novels as a way of anguishing about such problems. For a start, the development of penicillin had an ugly side to it. No one has really said so yet.

If spy novels feed on the underbelly of diplomacy, these novels are intended to feed on the underbelly of progress.....

....One showery evening in London, September 28, 1938, the world was in crisis. The British Prime Minister declared that there would be peace and that Hitler would cease his aggression.
       The democratic world held its breath.
       At 6.30 that evening a shabbily dressed man who was also one of the richer men in the world stepped off a London red bus at the top of Highgate hill. Rainwater from a heavy shower streamed down the hill.
        Half a mile away a tall biochemist put on a red dress for the reception the man was going to. Five minutes later a second red bus came up the hill.

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