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There the two Penicillium novels. They are seeking publication. Here are some links to sections within them and some notes about them.

End & Beginning: Nathalie imprisoned, Nathalie Released. Link>>>>>
Rutland and the London war science mission
The recruitment of Nathalie.
How Francine came into it (1) >>>>>
How Francine came into it (2)
Some notes on the Penicillium books.>>>>>>
Nathalie, Churchill, Roosevelt and the deception.

Technopolitana: Rutland's idea was that there was a dark and light side to progress. Science leads to invention leads to progress and economic growth. On the light side of Planet Technopolitana progress leads to better life for humans and harmony with nature. On the dark side such progress leads to overcrowding and pollution and dis-harmony with nature.

Rutland and the last wolf on the mountain.
Rutland and the beginning of the Technopolitana  column.

My letters to the past -- trying to re-find Rutland and his Planet Technopolitana idea.
Continuing an idea he had -- shocking people with big numbers.


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