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 Walk and Talk/ Think of the planet stressed/ Think desire to improve human life.
Think, for example: a world before antibiotics,  if the allies did not have the weapons to defeat fascism,
bringing people out of poverty... progress, growth, progress, growth....

The human push, the human push, the human push.... Earth and biosphere pushed. Yes?
Is the planet and its atmosphere stressed by humans? Or is it just talk?
Walk and talk.

This is about the invention of an idea. I hope it is challenging.

I invite you to read through the preface to this, my website, named
Planet Technopolitana -- Technopolitana dot com.

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Some people --greens and environmentalists -- are distressed about the stress humans put on the world.
Many people are not interested.

These many ignore, even mock, the few.
Most governments largely ignore, and some openly deride, the worries of the few. Most environmental legislation is tepid and timid.

Why is there such a chasm between the alarmed views of the few – global warming protests, say –
and the indifference or derision of the many?


The focus of this site is the difficulty of making change.

It is based on the view that the pressure for economic growth is that of a river. It flows only in one direction. Try to dam it and the dam overflows. In the first era of our trying to reduce emissions, they are increasing.


The new has two faces to it – progress and steps back. When penicillin (a subject I write about) was developed in 1940 there were 2.5 billion people. Now there are 7.5. The antibiotic era and population explosion are not exactly linked. They are surely cousins. Can we imagine a world without antibiotics? Can we imagine not having population growth – even if slowing?


          … is an idea. You cannot see it. There are no pictures of it. It is where we live and it is an alternative view of where we live.

        It is a place full of strife. On the sunny side, change – science, progress, new ideas & technologies – leads to a benign human world and harmony with nature.

        On the planet’s dark side, this same change leads to human difficulty, overcrowding, pollution, disharmony with nature.


The TEHCNOPOLITANA narratives.

        My first two books are about a woman scientist caught up in the anger of progress – the push for new science in a terrible war. I am going to look at what happened to her personally.

        Does her story relate to now? I don’t know. Only that her story was discovered by a troubled second woman in the modern era.

        Is that the point? We don’t damn well know what is pushing us where we appear to be going. We know a bit and not enough. Right? Or, wrong?

        Technop0litana on the mind…. On mine: I invite you to see if I have conveyed anything of meaning.


          introduction  -- read down



Opening Section of the  novel, Underground Scientist.

Past & Present -- meeting Francine Olnay who meets Bill Rutland.
original author of the Planet Technopolitana columns and wartime boss of Nathalie.
Link to descriptions

Rutland, Technopolitana -- & the dark side, light side of progress idea -- Link

The wider Ambitions for Technopolitana Dot Com




Planet  Technopolitana


Stories of humans -- the push to human achievements, the despair of a threatened planet... the modern drama...how to solve this.

Technopolitana: Our planet alone in the Fog of Progress.             


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