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Notes from Planet Technopolitana

On the bright side of Planet Technopolitana, human economic growth leads to benign solutions, prosperity and harmony with nature


On the dark side of the Planet T, the same economic growth leads to overcrowding, pollution and disharmony with natural life.


 A website that uses stories, fiction & non-fiction, to look at human relationships to Planet Earth.


Some Notes: (short read)


          is an idea. You cannot see it. There are no pictures of it. It is where we live and it is an alternative view of where we live... Read on >>


Greta's Grandparents: (short essay)

      Greta Thunberg is the Swedish teenager, not 17 until January 2020, who has laid down the gauntlet regarding climate change.
       Where did we, the generation of her parents and grandparents  go wrong? Does the Planet Technopolitana idea -- that there is a good and bad side to 'progress' -- help frame appropriate questions?... Read on >>


t  e  c  n  o  p  o  l  i  t  a  n  a


Fragment of UK-US penicillin dispute related document, only declassified in 1997


PLANET TECHNOPOLITANA: The fiction project
A proposal for three novels about the bright
and dark sides of war science...
1}Theft of British science in Washington 1941/
2}How penicillin nearly did not happen/
3}Claims of clean nuclear bombs/

The Technopolitana Fiction Project 


                     A wet day, spitting rain. Early November 1944. The tall woman officer and her driver are skirting the battlefront as they drive north in France. She is 29 and her hair has gone grey >>>


>>>> The woman and the officer work for the Medical Department of the US army. She tells him to stop by a war grave and she walks among the graves. He smokes a tailor made, watches her. Odd, private creature. Would be beautiful, if only she'd smile.

           Then smiling is not the point. Being trusted with the whole secret penicillin project is the point. Betraying the British, really her people, is the point.

            It did not start like this.....  Read: Tales of Technopolitana synopsis (short)  or lst 30 pages

How fast it has all been -- the author and his father 1947. UK car ownership in that time has gone from 4 million to 34 million today -- x 8.5. How fast it has been.. read on >>>>








Opening Section of the  novel, Underground Scientist.

Past & Present -- meeting Francine Olnay who meets Bill Rutland.
original author of the Planet Technopolitana columns and wartime boss of Nathalie.
Link to descriptions

Rutland, Technopolitana -- & the dark side, light side of progress idea -- Link

The wider Ambitions for Technopolitana Dot Com




Planet  Technopolitana


Stories of humans -- the push to human achievements, the despair of a threatened planet... the modern drama...how to solve this.

Technopolitana: Our planet alone in the Fog of Progress.             


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